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Every career journey needs a destination. The career you choose today is only part of your journey - building skills, gaining experiences and strengthening your resolve will set you apart, as a unique professional, for years to come. Having a goal or possibilities in mind, allows you to make the most of the opportunities we will find for you.


Every career is unique, every journey different - step forward today.

Psychologist for Children


The Career Destinations below will help you find the information you need to start your career journey today. Every career of meaning starts with initial steps. Graduate Universe’s career destinations are there to launch your limitless career with information, direction and hopefully inspiration too!

The rewarding career of clinical psychologists can begin by simply helping and supporting any member of our community.

This career involves making complex assessments where you will liaise with many other professionals.

The road to S&L Therapy can often be long and it can be difficult to get on courses despite the great need. Experience in this field is vital.

A career in special educational needs is one of the most rewarding. Now there are new ways to train - we can support your journey.

The career for those with intuition and strength. Graduate Universe will help you begin a meaningful career with mental health today.

Social workers are the real unsung heroes of our society safeguarding the vulnerable, resolving untold crisis and ensuring people don’t give up.

SEMH Support 

Psychologists often start their careers in this field, using their analytical side and developing their skills for further careers in Psychology.


There are many paths and destinations for nurses within the modern health service. The options for progression are vast.

Educational Psychologists are key to successfully diagnosing and providing for all learners that need special education.

Providing care, support and guidance as a Counsellor is a vital component of a functioning community.

Teaching is changing. If you train to be a teacher this decade, you will become a pioneer for future conventional practice.


Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are likely to need extra or different help from that given to other children their age.

Every case, indeed every family is different - a graduate's ability to find resolution across different families will be key to their success.

All children need support and understanding - especially children with ASD. Careers in special education often start with this.

Mental health nurses provide unequalled support for mental health patients, playing a key part in the alleviation of symptoms.


The knights of the NHS. As with nursing the opportunities to branch into different areas of medicine are huge.


At the current rate of developments in technology and communication, careers started now will be different in 10 years time - where does this leave you? Graduate Universe helps every graduate begin their unique journey towards their career destination with expert guidance and support.


Graduate Universe’s career guidance will enable you to broaden your scope, focus your ambitions and gain confidence in your abilities so you can succeed in the new work landscape for years to come.

Start your journey by reading through a career destination that appeals to you - make contact with us and we will support your next steps.

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