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SHAPE THE FUTURE. As a career, the opportunities and professional development potential are vast. Training to be a Teacher is changing and modern education is set to develop in the next 20 years as no other sector will do. Children need to be taught and educated to an increasingly high standard - the challenges will change as the century progresses adapting to modern technologies and new pedagogical theories. However, the spark to learn and to inspire remain as constant as ever - do you have the ability and ingenuity to transform the potentials of thousands of children that will carry your legacy from this century until the next? Sound far fetched? Education moves in multi generational blocks - if you train to be a Teacher this decade and teach on the cutting edge of new thoughts and ideas you will become a pioneer for future conventional practice. Primary and Secondary Teachers in all subject areas need the right experience to help them to shape this future.

COMPASS POINTS. The next steps you take will depend on your ability and experience. Prior classroom experience is essential - this is a profession which demands high levels of competency gained through practical experience. A good level degree is of course essential for post graduate teacher training. Other qualifications, such as strong A-levels, can determine at secondary level precisely which subject you will be able to teach. Undergraduate qualifications offering QTS are highly valued within the profession especially at primary level - due to the length of training they are often respected by future employers. The experience required is not as easy to obtain as it once was.


Teaching Assistant posts often require, at least some classroom experience in order to maintain high classroom standards. Employment decisions vary and as with most interviews, decisions are often subjective, based plainly on how they see your potential and ability to communicate effectively with different age groups. Voluntary experience is a good starting place to develop these core skills, as is overseas teaching and other childcare/mentor initiatives such as Camp America and City Year. Graduate Universe can help you gain the experience you need to progress successfully and confidently towards teacher training. Graduate Universe also offers expert career guidance, enabling you to gain experience in schools that will lead to your successful teacher training. If you are already experienced, and seeking a teacher training post, then see GU's Teacher Plus for direct support.




Advancing and bettering core elements of society has always mattered.


There is now a real opportunity to sculpt a new path for your career journey.


Graduate Universe can help you fashion that journey and in doing so create opportunities and relief for the most vulnerable in society.

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