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ENABLING CHILDHOODS, RETURNING FUTURES. A child psychologist provides children with healing after traumatic experiences and different mental health issues. Their work is vital to the support that all children may one day need. Child Psychologists can work across a variety of organisations such as Child Family Care and the Child Protection Services. They will work with children up to the age of 18, and their families, in a community setting.

This career involves making complex assessments where you will liaise with many other professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists and Special Needs Coordinators. This inter professional collaboration will enable you to look at all aspects of a child’s development. It can take many attempts for an aspiring Child Psychologist to succeed in starting a sponsored doctorate. Their work is vital, so every attempt you make is worth the time spent gaining the extra experience needed to cement your progression. 

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COMPASS POINTS. Beginning a journey you need to establish a variety of relevant experiences which test your ability to help different children of all ages. There are varied educational and health care settings which would enable you to build a portfolio of beneficial experiences. Each step requires insight and scope so you can cement your area of expertise. Heading towards a doctorate in child or developmental psychology requires a breadth of practical experiences in any health care, social care or educational setting. This is vital for your development, but also essential for strengthening your future practical work on any doctorate programme. Many of the practical modules you undertake, will have learning outcomes specific to the fieldwork activity you will be studying. Lengthy practical experiences must have a purpose that enables you to achieve your long term ambitions. Graduate Universe offers this experience at each stage of your journey to ensure your continued development.



Advancing and bettering core elements of society has always mattered.


There is now a real opportunity to sculpt a new path for your career journey.


Graduate Universe can help you fashion that journey and in doing so create opportunities and relief for the most vulnerable in society.


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