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HEALING AND PROTECTING OUR VULNERABLE. The rewarding career of clinical psychologists can begin by simply helping and supporting any member of our community. Graduate Universe will assist you in finding the right experience in different sectors which will enable you to successfully apply for further qualifications in Clinical Psychology.

COMPASS POINTS. The goal is to gain a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology - successfully completing a professional training course for Clinical Psychologists will enable you to practice in your chosen field. Any course provides training in clinical psychology, leading to a doctoral qualification accredited by the UK’s Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Psychological Society (BPS).  The qualifications principle aim is to train thoughtful,  scientifically-minded and wholly compassionate professionals.

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Entry requirements can be difficult to meet and competition for places are high. All Courses will expect  high levels of appropriate practical experiences, that demonstrate clearly an awareness of working in a multi-cultural, clinical environment. Advice officially given, is a minimum of 12 months' FTE clinically-relevant experience, such as work in a healthcare setting or clinical research. However, it can take much longer, often up to 3 years, gaining appropriate experiences in order to successfully start a programme. Graduate Universe can help you to make progress at every step of your journey.



Advancing and bettering core elements of society has always mattered.

There is now a real opportunity to sculpt a new path for your career journey.


Graduate Universe can help you fashion that journey and in doing so create opportunities and relief for the most vulnerable in society.


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