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ENABLING PROVISION FOR ALL CHILDREN. Special educational needs provision has transformed education and helped to create true learning equality from an early age. Educational Psychologists are key to successfully diagnosing, and initiating clear provision for all learners that need special education. Graduate Universe will give you the directions and guidance you need to begin this career journey.

COMPASS POINTS. Finding a course to gain the necessary qualifications can be tricky for aspiring Educational Psychologists. Successful entry to any further training course requires you to have completed a psychology degree or conversion course accredited by The British Psychological Society (BPS). The BPS-accredited Doctorate in educational psychology can be funded by the government depending on access and availability. Further study can be gained on DEdPsy 4-year research degrees tailored to meet the needs of practising Educational Psychologists with at least one year's experience.

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Courses will combine practical focus with academic and applied research into important and complex issues. Educational Psychologists work in Local Authorities and services, so much of the experience you need to gain is essential for this purpose. Educational Psychologist places have become increasingly competitive, and its usually the breadth of your experiences which will determine a successful application. As such it is advised that you must have at least one year's full-time experience of working with children and young people within education, health, social care, youth justice, or a childcare or community setting. Graduate Universe will give you the directions and guidance you need to begin this career journey. 



Advancing and bettering core elements of society has always mattered.


There is now a real opportunity to sculpt a new path for your career journey.


Graduate Universe can help you fashion that journey and in doing so create opportunities and relief for the most vulnerable in society.


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