THE CAREER FOR THOSE WITH INTUITION AND STRENGTH. It is a noble decision to choose to pursue a career in mental health. Your actions and strength of cause, can make untold positive differences to millions. A career is mental health is suited to individuals with strength and compassion - the rewards can be the most satisfying of any sector. Does this sound like a challenge you would like to take? Graduate Universe will help you begin a meaningful career with mental health today.

COMPASS POINTS. As with other career destinations in mental health, a grounding or a degree in psychology, albeit a Masters or Bachelors, is definitely an advantage. It is vital that you gain SEN, SEMH, or specific mental health experience that will allow you to add to your theoretical experiences and knowledge. Experience can be gained as ever in a voluntary capacity, such as a counselling volunteer or working in a care facility or even an outreach program sponsored by a government agency or local authority service.

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Advanced experience would include; work within special education, delivering a well-being programme or initiative, nursing mental health patients, or perhaps even a position as an assistant psychologist working through a health care provider in your community.



Advancing and bettering core elements of society has always mattered.


There is now a real opportunity to sculpt a new path for your career journey. Graduate Universe can help you fashion that journey and in doing so create opportunities and relief for the most vulnerable in society.


Act now and help this movement.