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We help recent and upcoming graduates to start their public sector careers. Unlike agencies or job sites, we don't just focus on your next job; we think about your career in a holistic way - from where you are now to where you want to go.

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FOLLOW YOUR STAR. The career you choose is only part of your journey - building skills and gaining experiences will set you apart as a professional for the years ahead. Graduate Universe will help you begin your limitless career today. Our easy online application service and career analysis, guarantees you a super quick and professional guide towards your chosen career destination. Graduate Universe helps every graduate begin their unique journey, towards their individual career destination. Our Career Destinations allow you to start plotting your course today. Every career is unique, every journey different - step forward today.



HOW DOES IT WORK? Career destinations are your goal - somewhere to head towards using your skills and qualifications.


Life might not take you there directly but having a destination fuels the validity and purpose of everything you do. When you have a clear purpose you have energy, determination and commitment - these are qualities that all employers admire and appreciate. Graduate Universe offers you a unique platform to gain this purpose and resolve by heading towards a destination that will empower you and aid all those you will encounter.


Graduate Universe has a unique purpose in graduate recruitment - we aim to support you in your career and by successfully doing so, we help our chosen good causes. 

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Graduate Universe partners and supports good causes in Education, Mental Health & Neurodiversity, International Aid and Environmental Welfare donating 15% of profits annually. These noble institutions are the real chairpersons of the board and the reason you should choose a career of value through Graduate Universe. It is GU’s pledge to select new good causes year on year as the reach of the mission expands. Finding your career path through GU will create possibilities for you and those we support.

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HOW TO GET THERE. Knowing where to go is only the beginning. The next steps are realising what it takes to succeed and making your career journey a reality.


Graduate Universe will offer you genuine advice and support that will enable you to swiftly begin to make a difference in your own special career. This personal beginning is exciting. Our advice helps you to understand that what you have to offer, will initiate a unique journey towards your chosen career destination.


This platform is designed to help all graduates with a sense of purpose find their true career path - if you are dedicated to developing your career within the public sector, then Graduate Universe holds all possibilities.